Grammarly Free Trial: Grammarly Premium Free Trial (February) 2018

Grammarly Free Trial – Get Grammarly Premium Trial

Grammarly is a well-known online grammar checker tool which allows us to check and fix all grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Grammarly is offering two different plans; premium and free. You can try Grammarly premium version which will cost you around $11.66 per month, but if you don’t have that much money, then you can use its free version.

Grammarly Free Trial

Grammarly Free Trial

But, the problem is how we can use Grammarly free trial. Don’t worry because I’m today here with two legit ways to use the Grammarly Premium free trial.

Note: – Many people are leaking Grammarly access code of educational institutes but, I want to tell you that those methods are illegal and a serious crime. So, please don’t use them and be safe from the penalty because this is the property of a famous company.

So, now I would love to tell you two legit and genuine ways to get Grammarly free Trial.

Here we go;

Grammarly Free Trial 2018

These are the two methods that you should follow to use Grammarly free trial account. Please read carefully before following any step because If you missed any step, then you will not get the Grammarly Premium free trial account.

Here you go;

#1. Grammarly Premium Free Trial for 7 days

The method is straightforward to get the premium trial account of Grammarly.

You don’t need any particular skill to get this free premium service for yourself.

Just scroll down the page and follow all steps to get the Grammarly Premium free trial. 🙂


First clear cookies and cache of your browser.


Now click on this link.


Download Grammarly’s Chrome extension and then fill all the details like as; Your Name, Email ID, and Password.

That’s it. Enjoy one week of the premium trial of Grammarly.

#2. 1 Month/30 Days Grammarly Premium Free Trial

This method is especially for bloggers and webmasters and by following this way you can get one month of Grammarly free premium account trial service from the Grammarly team.

Not only one month of Grammarly free trial account but also you can get US$25 by writing a Grammarly review article on your blog.

Confused How?

Okay let me explain it briefly, Grammarly have an affiliate program for webmasters, and they are offering $25 activation bonus if they accept your affiliate program’s joining request.

The only con of this method is, People who don’t own a website cannot get this offer.

If you owned a blog or website, then must follow with this trick and apply for Grammarly affiliate program.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate seller of Grammarly, then use this link to apply for it.

You can also send a proposal by mail to Grammarly affiliate team, but before you have to signup for a free Grammarly account using below link button.

Get Grammarly

Now send a mail offer to Grammarly from that email id using which you created seven days of the free premium trial of Grammarly.

The demo of the mail is given below. 🙂

Hi Grammarly Team,
I’m “Your Name”, and I write at is one of the best and fastest growing blogs in “your niche/field of blogging” with a handsome number of unique daily visitors.
I’m using Grammarly free version from last “time” and I”m very impressed with its features.
I have an offer for you.
I want to write an article for a review of Grammarly on my blog and for this, Will you please provide me one month of Grammarly premium account for free.
Please let me know if this proposal sounds good to you.
Your Name

After 2 to 3 days, you’ll get an email from Grammarly where they will ask you your details and give you one month of the free trial of the premium Grammarly account.

That is all.

Now enjoy your free Grammarly premium trial account and write a review post to get US$25.

It would be accessible for one month because Grammarly team same offers me. 🙂

Tip: After publishing a review post on your blog, don’t forget to send the post’s link to the Grammarly team. Otherwise, you’ll not get this offer from the affiliate team. 🙂

Final Words – Grammarly Free Trial

So, Above in this article, I tried my best to tell you about how to get Grammarly premium free trial of premium account.

I hope you guys will like this article. In case you want any help from me or if you have any query regarding this, then feel free to ask me.

Don’t forget to share this articles with your mates so that they can also enjoy this free Grammarly trial account service.

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These both ways are legit to get 7 days or one month of Grammarly premium free trial.

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