Grammarly Discount

Grammarly Discount, Coupon Codes & Promo Offer

I have updated this post in September 2018 to share exclusive Grammarly Discount and Promo Offer. Just click here (Grammarly Coupon Applied) and select an annual plan for maximum Grammarly Discount offer. Just give it a try and thank me later.

Grammarly Discount - In this post, I'm going to offer 60% OFF Grammarly promo offer with mentioning all steps to activate this special discount deal. One of the best things is you don't need any coupon code to avail this discount offer because Grammarly does not ask any coupon code while subscribing.

Grammarly Discount

Grammarly Discount

Most of us are not speaking English as our first language. We always face a lot of problems while writing a blog post for our blog. We want our article 100% grammatically correct and without any spelling, and punctuation error. So, we should use Grammarly which is the best grammar checker tool and proofreading software.

As you all know that nowadays technology is growing very fast and there is no need to hire a professional human proofreader instead we should use a Grammarly like grammar checker software which will assist us to write grammatically free and also proofread our articles as well.

Grammarly Discount, Coupons & Promo Offers

Grammarly Discount

Grammarly Discount

DiscountDateDiscount Status
Grammarly 70% DiscountSeptember 01, 2018Working
Grammarly 60% OFF DiscountSeptember 01, 2018Working
70% OFF Grammarly DiscountAugust 01, 2018Working
60% OFF Grammarly DiscountAugust 01, 2018Working
Grammarly 60% OFF DiscountJuly 01, 2018Working
50% OFF Grammarly DiscountJune 01, 2018Working
Grammarly 60% OFF DiscountMay 01, 2018Expired
Grammarly 60% OFF DiscountApril 02, 2018Expired
Grammarly 40% OFFMarch 01, 2018Expired

What is Grammarly?

grammarly discount

Grammarly is a perfect proofreading and grammar checking tool which can enhance your writing skill, polish your content, and a good saviour from making silly grammar errors.

If you're a non-native speaker, then you should try this grammar checker tool. It has two plans; Free and Premium.

Grammarly free can detect normal spelling and grammar errors, but if you're a premium user, then you're using a tool which can check up to 400+ types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

Grammarly Discount

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly is an intelligent and advanced writing enhancement tool that check your content for grammar and spelling mistakes. The premium Grammarly also have a reliable plagiarism detector.

By using Grammarly premium; you can improve the quality of your writing, check assignments, papers, and documents for plagiarism and grammar errors.

It also has a free writing version which will make sure your blog articles, emails, messages, and social media posts are mistake-free and impactful.

Grammarly Discount

Grammarly Cost & Pricing

In Grammarly premium, you will get plagiarism checker, advanced grammar and spelling error detector.

Grammarly premium has three subscription plans for individual users;

  1. $29.95/month (Monthly)
  2. $19.98/month (Quarterly)
  3. $11.66/month (Annually) Approx, 70% Discount, compared to the monthly plan.

In other words;

In Grammarly premium; you can check your content for plagiarism, spelling mistakes, and grammar mistakes as well. The subscription purchase of Grammarly is $29.95/month.

In case, if you want it to use for 3 months or a year, then it has two other options as well.

  1. $19.98/month (Quarterly Plan)
  2. $11.66/month (Annual Plan)

Email Offer From Grammarly - I want to tell you that what email offer from Grammarly means.

Actually, Grammarly is running email campaigns for their users who are still using free Grammarly plan. They're sending emails to all free users with a massive discount offer to attract them.

I think this is the golden opportunity to get Grammarly discount up to 70% Off.

Just Sign up for free Grammarly account right now and get an offer from Grammarly, Inc directly on your mailbox.

You'll get this offer once a month for sure.

As you know, I'm today here to present 60% Off Grammarly Discount promo offer. So, without wasting more time, let me tell you the method to get 60% OFF Grammarly promo offer. Here we go;

Grammarly Discount

How to Activate Grammarly Discount?

Grammarly Discount

How to Activate Grammarly Discount?

Here is the step-by-step guide for getting 60% Grammarly Discount.

Follow all below steps carefully to activate this promo offer.


First of all, You need to click on the below button to activate 60% OFF Grammarly discount offer.

Get Grammarly


After clicking on the above button, You'll be redirected to the Grammarly's website with 50% activated discount offer.


Now, you have to install the Grammarly extension on your browser.

Grammarly Discount

Congratulations! Your Grammarly Discount has been activated.


Important - Now, Do signup from any new email ID. (which you didn't use before on Grammarly or delete the old account and sign up again.)


Now, click on "Upgrade To Premium" option and select annual plan for maximum "Grammarly Discount."

Here, you can see that you'll be offered 50% discount on Grammarly's premium plans. Keep in mind that this discount offer is valid for only 45 minutes.

So, before expiration subscribe to the premium plan of Grammarly.

Grammarly Discount

That's it.

Note: - If you're a student or a teacher and looking for Grammarly student discount or Grammarly discount for teachers, then you're also eligible for this offer.

Grammarly Discount

Grammarly Features

This grammar checker tool has many features that make it stand out from other alternatives. You can read them in the below section.

1. Grammarly Grammar Checker:

Grammarly is a brilliant grammar checker tool that helps to improve the quality of your writing. You can use it to write mistake-free and impactful content for your office work, school work, or if you are writing a notebook.

It is able to detect all grammar errors in less time span, and you can use it without facing any issue.

Grammarly Discount

2. Grammarly Spelling Checker:

Making spelling mistakes is a common issue for every writer and if you are a Grammarly user, then feel safe. You are not going to make spelling mistakes anymore. It has the power to understand all typos and spelling errors in a short span of time and it will give you suggestion to fix them instantly.

If you are a professional writer or student, then Grammarly can save you from those silly mistakes that every writer does while writing.

Grammarly Discount

3. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker:

Stealing content from other author is known as plagiarism. Representing thoughts, quotes, and ideas of someone else's as your own - Known as plagiarism.

Nowadays, everyone is sharing their thoughts and ideas on the internet. Some are using Facebook like platforms, and few others like me are bloggers.

Plagiarism is also possible accidentally but what if you will get a tool that can scan your content and if it is plagiarised then highlight that line to fix?

No wonders! Grammarly is always there for you.

Unfortunately, Plagiarism checker feature is not available in the free version but if you are a paid user, then you can enjoy this feature.

Grammarly Discount

4. Write Confidently Everywhere:

We all are addicted to social media and updating timeline by sharing ideas and thoughts is a common thing. You can use Grammarly to check your updates and messages on Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and nearly everywhere on the web. Grammarly helps you write impactful and mistake-free content anytime and anywhere.

We have an exclusive deal for you. You can save up to 60% off today.

Grammarly Discount - Activate the Deal Now.

5. Get Your Content Fixed Quickly:

There are many grammar checker and spelling checker tools available on the internet but which one is reliable - it is the common question of every writer.

I would like to tell you that Grammarly is built with intelligent grammar checking system and it can find all mistakes that you guys have made while writing. It will help you fix them quickly.

Grammarly Discount

6. Help You Learn Grammar Rules:

Grammarly is the first grammar checker tool that has 10 million active users today, and it is the real proof of its intelligence and advancement.

Well, Grammarly helps you write mistake-free content, and it will also tell the reason for mistakes that you made or will make.

As much as you will use it; You can improve the quality of grammar and punctuation.

Grammarly Discount

7. Grammarly Browser Extensions and Add-Ons:

If you are a serious writer and you want to use full features of this grammar checker, then you are at the right place. You can use Grammarly everywhere on the internet.

Yes, It's true!

Grammarly comes with its extensions and add-ons that you can install on your web browsers.

Right now, Grammarly has extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Grammarly Discount

8. Grammarly Software For Windows and macOS:

If writing is your daily work and you like to write on your Macbook or Windows Notebook, then you are lucky. In the past, Grammarly introduced its software for both devices. You can use software of the Grammarly if you want to try your hands with it.

The good thing is that; I have a special Grammarly discount offer for you. You can save up to 60% off today on the premium subscription.

Grammarly discount - Claim Deal Now.

9. Grammarly Keyboard For Android and iOS:

If you want to try your hands with Grammarly on your smartphone, then feel free and download the keyboard for your android phone by clicking here and if you are an iPhone or iPad user, then click here to download.

Now you can feel the power of Grammarly in your hands. Proofread your messages and social media updates using Grammarly.

Write impactful and share this article with your friends if they are looking for Grammarly discount.

Grammarly Discount - Active Discount (Up To 60% Off)
Note: Select annual plan for a maximum discount offer.

10. Repetitive Word Detection:

We often write repeatedly a set of words because we all are limited to our perceptions. What if you are reading a long document and meeting the same word?

For me, It is boring.

Grammarly is there for you to stop writing same words in the text. The tool will suggest you their contextual alternatives.

Grammarly Discount

11. Progress Report (Weekly):

Grammarly keeps an eye what things you have learnt and what errors you have made. It will send you a personalised email every week with a detailed progress report.

It will also suggest what things you should focus on and how to stop making those mistakes in a less period.

If you are a Grammarly premium user and wants to improve your writing skills, then you are going to achieve your goals timely.

Grammarly Discount

Final Words: Grammarly Discount

If this Grammarly deal is helpful for you, then share it with your friends and relatives. It will be useful for them too. Thank You!

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Grammarly Discount
  • Offer - 95%


100% Working Grammarly Deal.

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